Over the last decade, with the proliferation of the mobile communication technologies, there has an increase in the development of the applications and devices of augmented reality. In general, Augmented Reality (AR) technology includes a combination of the real and the virtual by providing 3D real-time interactivity. The early version of the AR technology is mainly considered as a representation tool for the evaluation of the design proposal, the recent mobile AR technology has the potential to offer designers new opportunities as a new design platform that the visual and the physical models are superimposed for the real-time designing and visual analysis of the design idea. Thus, the AR technology can provide a virtual model for design development and visual inspection. In addition, models can help with the creative process of visualizing 3D space directly through the inspection of the complex visual relationships. Design field is not the only application of AR. Various industries also applied the AR concept and developed many applications, to reach an interactive real-time environment.

This research group seeks the possibilities with this brand-new popular environment. For this purpose, we conducted several discussion-based seminars and workshops. On those open and private events, we aim to provide participants an opportunity to understand Augmented Reality more deeply. Thus, those events seek designers, researchers, and students from all the design related fields, as well as computer science and electronics who are interested in the topic and enthusiastic to contribute to discussion and production phases.

The first workshop of Augmented Cube series (AC 1.1) was held at CaadFutures 2017 in Istanbul Technical University. The workshop was conducted by Leman Figen Gül, S. Müge Halıcı, Can Uzun and Muzaffer Karslı. The first workshop AC 1.1 was funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), PN: 115K515.

The second workshop of this series (AC 1.2) was held at Izmir University of Economics (IEU). The workshop was funded by IEU and conducted by S. Müge Halıcı and Can Uzun.

The panel of this series (AC p.1) was held on Thursday – 23.11.2017 at Istanbul Altınbaş University. The event was conducted by S. Müge Halıcı, Can Uzun and Fırat Kaçmaz.

The last event of this series (AC 1.3) was held on Saturday – 23.12.2017 at Gebze Technical University. This one day workshop was conducted by S. Müge Halıcı, Can Uzun, Muzaffer Karslı, Mustafa Esengün, Begüm Moralıoğlu and Gülce Kırdar.

The last event of this series (AC 2.1) was held on Saturday – 11.04.2018 at Mediated City Istanbul  in Studio-X Istanbul. This one day workshop was conducted by Can Uzun and Gülce Kırdar.